The Human Transformation School

Have you ever asked yourself “Who am I beyond my name, beyond my job title, my descriptions, assumptions and
social roles?”
Have you known yourself naked of meaning, naked of stories, naked of words?

Have you ever wondered how do you function internally? What programming and belief systems were you given that you have not chosen and are not serving your expansion anymore?

Have you wondered what is your unique truth and gift? What is your most authentic and natural expression?

Be brave enough to get closer to yourself
Be brave enough to see who you truly are

― Nicholas Policarpio


When you were born, you were given the most sophisticated piece of technology on the planet, which is YOU!

An inner universe was given to you. And this inner universe comes with some of the most powerful and complex “softwares” ever discovered such as a mind, brain, thoughts, emotions, breathing, nervous system etc.

The challenge is that no school, no education has ever been able to teach us how to master our internal universe... We have never been taught how to master our thoughts, our emotions, how to breathe properly, how to nourish our body etc.
All our initial studies and work have been related to the outside world!

The question is then, how do we wish to master the external world, if we are barely mastering our internal world, which is the SOURCE of everything we do?

For this reason, my highest purpose has become to upgrade and elevate our current education system!
I want to get to the world all that INNER EDUCATION that has never been taught to us by mainstream society or at any school. I want to help you master your inner world and deepen your understanding of yourself before you can go out there and express your unique and most authentic truth. Bringing teachings knowledge and practises around how to master and connect to our internal faculties (mind, body, emotions, energy, breath etc.) and reconnect to the universal wisdom that lies within us that will determine the quality of your life experience.

Upgrading our education system and complementing it with real-life topics related to human evolution and personal transformation such as meditation, mindfulness, self-worth, self-love, emotional intelligence, health and nutrition, conscious sexuality, the art of manifestation, conscious relationship etc., for an overall personal, interpersonal and spiritual growth.

Combining teachings from tantra, Tao, Primal dance, Biodance, Chinese Medicine, Transpersonal Psychology, Sacred Sexuality, breathwork, quantum health and nutrition and more, you will enjoy the teachings and knowledge from our variety of teachers and experts.

"The only journey is the journey within."

― Rainer Maria Rilke

The Human Transformation School - your online school for inner education
The Members community for your mind body and soul
A space for you to learn, awaken, and manifest with a community of inner seekers like you

" I am feeling all the love from all of you and I am truly finding myself again in the last 2 days lots of sadness is finally coming out of body and I am gaining my confidence. happiness and love back. Thank you beautiful tribe and Nico for the amazing energy and love you are spreading and power of you have to connect us all with love. I feel reborn today. Grazie! Thank you. Love you all. "

- Consuelo Pagano Human Transformation School Member


You’ll be guided through a series of weekly live online classes with teachings and practices to fundamentally shift how you experience your life. You’ll discover and learn transformational wisdom and ideas not covered in mainstream education designed to transform every area of your life.

Every weekly session will be a mix of theory, practise, guided meditation, breath work, movement etc. that will look at including all the different human dimensions.

Physical Body

Get in proper shape.

Enhance your sense of vitality, aliveness and balance.

Relearn to connect to a deep sense of corporal and felt gratitude towards your life.

Balance doing with being releasing the stress and tension that you carry.

Learn and practice the art of self-love.

Mental and Emotional body

Recognise and recode your inherited limiting conditioning and belief systems.

Unlearn all the programming that you have not chosen that is not serving your expansion anymore and relearn the mental codes of abundance.

Open up your mind to infinite possibilities.

Free yourself up from dysfunctional and compulsive thinking.

Learn how to work with your most difficult emotions (anger, rage, envy, jealousy, sadness etc.)

Energy and Spiritual Body

Explore your inner Magic. Reconnect with the flow of natural abundance that is streaming within you.

Access infinite inspiration, intuition, and clarity.

Regain access to your inner magic that will help you manifest your unique truth.

You’ll connect with a beautiful variety of teachers and community.
All on one spiritually revolutionary online learning platform.

We forgot how to live, We forgot who we truly are

― Nicholas Policarpio


If you’re already on the path of personal transformation, you may have noticed it gets harder to find 'your people'. The Human Transformation School is an online subscription school that makes it easy and fun to stay committed to your inner practice. An opportunity for you to learn, practice, and Awaken in COMMUNITY. Each week you will enjoy live classes, guided meditations, audio lessons and much more.

Wherever you are in the world: you’ll never feel lonely again. Our community platform allows you to interact with other students and ask questions, start discussions, share post.

There is nothing more special than gathering as a community of inner seekers with no judgment, where you can be fully yourself, show your real face, meditate together and share life-transforming practices

“It’s your life; you don’t need someone’s permission to live the life you want. Be brave to live from your heart.”

― Roy T. Bennett


One of our biggest mission is to support people in finding their unique voice. Having the courage to express those unique sets of gifts and talents we were all born with.

We were not trained to express and manifest our unique truth.
We were born and trained to be robots.

To dress like everybody else.
To talk like everybody else.
To do the same job like everybody else.

The word courage comes from the Latin root cor, which means HEART.
To be courageous means to live with the heart.

“But we were trained to live with the HEAD. We create a security of logic around ourselves. Fearful. We close every window and door
— with concepts, words, and theories — and inside those closed doors and windows, we HIDE”
― Osho

The way of the heart is the way of courage. Courage to express your unique voice. Courage to manifest your inner authenticity. Courage to BE

It's our responsibility as humans!

Every person comes into this life with a unique energetic signature, as a unique expression of life. Our life experience is a process of unfolding us as an authentic expression. Awakening is fully stepping into your authenticity

The world needs you to express your unique truth.
Your unique beauty. Your unique gift.

- Nicholas Policarpio

Ready for your spiritual revolution? I am here to support you!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to inner work or have had a practice for years.
You deserve to spend more time with yourself. You deserve to be closer and get to know yourself more.
Wherever you are now, the guidance and resources we will share in each weekly class will inspire deep, meaningful and sustainable changes in your life.

This time the school is about YOU and your authentic flourishing.
This time you will learn the art of truly living extraordinary, fulfilling and happy lives.

Join now, catch up at your own pace
we can’t wait to see you!

What you will get

  • Biweekly Live Online classes of 2 hours and a mix of theory and meditation practises and access to recordings

  • A Global Community built around mutual care, mutual support and mutual expansion
    I’ll be in your inbox with new guided weekly meditations

  • Guest teachers & experts in different fields related to our Inner World

  • Access to social media members community to share, Meet and interact with each other

  • 20% discount to all my in-person events everywhere in the world

Some of the topics
we will address

  • Breathwork
  • How the Mind works
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Conscious and Quantum nutrition
  • Working with your Feminine and masculine energy
  • The Art of Self-Love and self-worth
  • Primordial Movement
  • Primordial Movement
  • Couple Relationship
  • Understanding your ego
  • Relieving anxiety, stress and compulsive thinking
  • Relationship with money
  • Managing your feelings and emotions
  • The Art of Manifestation and Purpose
  • Connecting with your inner abundance
  • Conscious sexuality
  • Balancing doing with being
  • And much more…

This time the school is YOU!
You are your own school!

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