Shruti Mukkera

I never felt so free. The EXPANSION and endless possibilities and ABUNDANCE I have been experiencing are just incredible. Going to bed with a joyful heart and zero worries as I dumped them all to give space to all the love and blessings I am receiving from you Nico and the tribe. Thanks for letting me be my complete self. I feel ALIVE now. I really feel lighter in my heart!

Cristina Trovato

I feel like we, as humanity, spend too much time watching behind barriers the infinite potential of being ourselves. We were born out there, in the immense sea of possibilities, feelings, emotions and then external circumstances or people put a gate in front of us, making us feel in a cage. What we are doing with the school is finding the chainsaw to destroy these barriers, be out there FREE and NOT ALONE ANYMORE. What happened yesterday was amazing, I am full of you tribe, full of feelings and deepness. It still amazes me, I have never felt so FREE. thank you Nico and tribe!

Yasmine Fakher

After our retreat and because of the amazing feelings of support I am feeling in our space here, I started to feel the courage to stop hiding my shiny free spirit and started to have the courage to let it reflect more in each moment in my day, and since then I can feel how much I am in sync and harmony with my true self and the whole universe

Raquel Ortiz

Holistic Therapist, Creator of Shamanic Tantra

The first time I heard Nicho something strong felt in my soul. The vibration of his voice relaxed me, healed me, penetrated to my skin as an injection of light.
He hypnotized me with love, security, strengh and power.
For me he is a magician that helps me to remember what my life needs. He is a master for my soul, he comes from the future, he is a star! a mirror of worthiness and abundance, that expands my eyes with truth. He makes me understand and learn what unconditional love is.
I have the bless of having participated in many encounters and sessions with him that he facilitates via online and in person. Also I have the big gift (miracle) to know him as a person, having the opportunity of knowing his life deeply and intimately. I know for sure because we have been through some tough moments together that Nicho is pure! A man with codes and sacred values that honors existence, he always wants to improve and learn, he is innocent, has a huge passionate heart, he has a big fire inside of him, he is a solar god that truly wants people's happiness, that is his goal...
I just hope that a lot of people can have the healing he brings to the earth because he has the pulse of kindness, real authenticity, gratitude, honesty, and devotion, he is a portal of truth, light and love.
you are a miracle of the divine my magician.
Thanks for existing and giving so much light to my life and to the earth Thanks for all your creations of love and light that you give for humanity.
I wish you a happy, pleasure, loving peaceful life always. I love you.

Lee Barnard

SAP Project Manager

I’m not really into meditation, but since I started joining Nico’s sessions, I’ve experienced real benefits in getting centred again in stressful times. It’s amazing how effective some of the exercises can be in just a short space of time. Nico shares words of wisdom, reminding us of things we forgot when we became “adults”. He builds up a lot of trust in the group and the amount of positive energy we all share is more than the sum of our parts. I can totally recommend the sessions.

Johan Solorzano

SAP Customer Engagement Director

Nicho, Moments to stay present and to get to know ourselves in such a different ways are really valuable. I want to thank you for creating and sharing this kind of spaces to cultivate, learn and develop growth for all Thanks my friend.

Lauren Brubaker

SAP Global Marketing Manager

Since incorporating midday medi with Nico, I’ve experienced better emotional balance throughout my day. I come away from the meditation renewed, calm and in a state of higher consciousness. I feel all the more appreciation for SAP/my company for creating spiritual space in the middle of my workday. How fortunate to collaborate with colleagues globally through mindfulness. I look forward to this respite in my day which leaves me renewed and restored

Mark Dijjstra

Senior Account Director SAP

I’m thanking you, Nico, for every time I’m becoming more present, and better able of ‘letting go’ of overthinking or worrying for no reason. I Am very grateful to you! My working days were fun but now with practice they also become lighter and less stressful it seems. you are in an almost unique position to bridge the corporate world with mindfulness because you know and experience both of these perspectives. Thats what's makes you very influential, inspirational and empowered to help and guide others. Feeling very privileged to be on this journey with you and the team. Your message is so much needed and welcome in the corporate world, where people can easily drown in the madness of stimuli during each and every day. I believe in our human life and in our universe there are angels -> messengers with a great spirit willing to help others live more fulfilling lives. You are definitely a good messenger and an angel in that sense, spreading your learnings and life experience and able to help many more people enjoy life more and feel happy.

Mahtab Amanpour

SAP Support Manager

Dear Nico, these meditation sessions that I followed with you so far have been wonderful, they make me see that I can still discover joyful experiences where I can be magically surprised and fulfilled
Your kindness and your generosity are communicative, make us be our real self, not to be afraid to open up our hearts to others... experiencing this in a professional setting is just miraculous!!
This reminds me of a French movie that I always laughed at, where at some point, the friends find themselves in a hippie community and they all look at each other in the eyes and say 'I love you'... and now, here I am, living this same experience myself in real life (even if it is virtual) in your meditation sessions, and it works!!!! and it's amazing and it's wonderful
on top of that, you have a warm voice, beautiful smile and laughter and these indeed contribute to generating love and compassion, and to feel confident, to dare to give and take. Thank you so much for this gift

Romain Drouet

Senior Sales Director, Trip Advisor

In a journey of self growth and inner work, Nicholas helps me connect with my emotions, my energies and be more conscious. There is no word enough to say thank you and describe how our work together helped me understand how brain and heart work together. Sometimes we can feel lost, feel sad or happy, just breath and be conscious, understand life is full of energies, ups and downs ; and it’s all fine. Thank you brother for giving me the tools to love and enjoy the process.

Christina Nicolulis

Senior Consultant for SAP

I can’t express enough the amount of love and gratitude that I feel after each and every session with you. The power of the love and energy you share with us all makes an incredibly special connection. The words and teachings that you share and the collective energy of the community is so powerful and transformative. I wish I could spend my days in your classes learnings from you. I have learned so much from you and I can’t help but crave more and more. I can’t thank you enough for everything. You give me so much hope.

Raman Ugra

Senior Account Director SAP

Nico’s passion and love for his art transcends everything he says, does and performs. I have been working with Nico as part of his “Do Less, Be More” series and have quite literally altered my life in ways I couldn’t imagine possible. His deep understanding of corporate structure and the stresses that can come from this environment is also applied in his teaching. Of particular recommendation is Nico’s Inner Child, Breathwork & Manifestation teachings which I have been learning on a 1:1 basis. I would happily, personally vouch for Nico and would welcome a call/coffee with anyone who is just starting the journey. Trust me, once your mind is unlocked the first time, you’ll keep coming back for more!

Francisco Tascon

Senior sales Director SAP

The importance of being balanced and the understanding about what is meditation is something I have understood only until I got in touch with Nico’s sessions. Now I feel myself more conscious about my emotions and thoughts and how they are linked. Strong tool I have started to use to increase my performance overall in life and at work! Thanks Nico!

Matteo Perfetti

Financial and Strategic Advisory

I have attended the weekly sessions led by Nico since 1 year now, and it has had a tremendous impact to my life. With my hectic work I was feeling often anxious and I have now learnt through the practise with Nico to use my body to be more in presence, at peace and centred. I have started to prioritise myself and my inner wellbeing and this has had an enormous impact on my performance in life and at work. and I am blessed our paths have crossed.

Mark Dijjstra

Senior Account Director SAP

your sessions are so valuable, and I love the combination of learning and practice. You are sharing so much value! Like I said, you are like a comet , a special force of nature, enlightening many that are eager to learn. SAP should be super proud to have you onboard! Very special and a big gift you are sharing with humanity. your life experience, your wise words and the energy you have as well with which you deliver your message. I was listening to a few of your podcasts yesterday as well on instagram etc and it s amazing how much you are able to give to your audience. Such power, such energy, so much truth & wisdom, and so much joy you brought across to this audience. You have an amazing talent, and besides having the wisdom on how the mind/body ticks in relation to work, you also have the incredible ability to bring it across so well and captivate everyone: I was hanging to every single word you said. And thank you for sharing all this with us, for making the connections and helping us all to work on ourselves and enjoy life and work even more. like you say, we can achieve more and better by doing ‘less’

Christina Nicolulis

Senior Consultant for SAP

thank you Nico for creating this beautiful space for us to experience such powerful love and appreciation for life and each other. You are so special. It was amazing to hug my son after one one of your sessions and feel the incredible energy that surrounded us. Your sessions and time mean so much to me, and they've truly been life changing. Every class and word you say is so powerful and such an ah ah moment for me in my life. Your teachings carry me through each day and I'm so thankful. Your energy and love are like arms wrapping around me in the biggest hug.

Laia Ivy

Thanks to you Nico to manifest and organise all of this. I am still in shock. I still do not understand what huge magic happened today. You are a gift from god. Thanks for appearing in our lives and making this possible. Your love has been a comforting presence. All my gratitude and love to you Nico and tribe.


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