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The meaning of Tantra has been interpreted and misused in many different ways. Many books have been written about Tantra. They all talk about techniques but the real Tantra has nothing to do with technique. Real tantra cannot be written. it needs to be felt, perceived and lived.

“Real tantra is not a technique but love. Tantra is not a technique but prayer. Is not head oriented but a relaxation into the heart”

Tantra is the path of relaxation. it’s the path of the OPEN HEART.

The more you relax, the more you can open up and expand. The more you relax, the less rigid and tense you become so that what’s real within you can start emerging and flourishing. Tantra is the path towards recognizing and dissolving all that is false, borrowed or copied and reconnecting to everything that is REAL, NATURAL and AUTHENTIC within you.

Tantra has been associated mostly with sexual practices mainly because it is one of the only mystical paths that doesn’t deny sex. Tantra works with our creative and primal sexual energy to awaken it and channel it for self-healing and manifestation. Recoding our internal old pattern of shame and guilt. It acknowledges that sex is at the root of life and that to make human sexuality a form of worship and meditation is to practice reverence for life. Sexual energy is the most powerful energy we have - after all it has the potential to create another human being! The goal is to preserve, cultivate and harness this life-giving essence leading to abundance and vitality.

“For tantra you have to use the energy of sex. It is your energy. It is not evil, it is not bad. Every energy is just natural. It can be used. Rightly used, you can transform it. Transcend it”

"Tantra teaches reverence for the body, love, respect for the body, gratitude for the body. The body is marvelous, it is the greatest of mysteries." 

Tantra is transformation through pleasure. It’s breath, sound and movement. Tantra is discovering the wisdom of your own body, because many times we are so much in our heads that we do not allow our body to "live", to breath and to speak to us. Tantra reminds us how to make space and let the beauty of the body unfold, its amazing nature, and love it. You will bring meditation into your relationship with your body, to feel it from inside, becoming more flowing, permeable and natural.

“Tantra is concerned with love. It is a heart-to-heart talk, not a mind-to-mind discussion. It is a compassion to help you to grow, to help you to transform, to help you to be reborn. Remember, when you are deeply in love, your mind ceases to be. There is no past, only the present moment becomes everything.”


Taoism is a spiritual and a philosophy that has been connected to the philosopher Lao Tzu and has existed in China for over 2,500 years. Taoism holds that humans and animals should live in balance with the Tao, or the universe. Taoism teaches that all living creatures ought to live in a state of harmony with the universe, and the energy found in it. Chi, or qi, is the energy present in and guiding everything in the universe, including us. One of the main ideas of Taoism is the belief in balancing forces, yin and yang. These ideas represent matching pairs, such as light and dark, hot and cold, masculine and feminine, which work together toward a universal whole. Yin and yang show that everything in the universe is interconnected and interdependent.

“Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realise there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.”
― Lao Tzu

I have personally trained from the teachings of Grand Master Mantak Chia. He has been the leader in teaching the to the Western world And he is the founder of the Universal Healing Tao System. A boundless healing power becomes available to benefit all by opening and connecting to the energy sources around us in Nature and the Universe beyond. Chia's teaching system develops integrated physical, mental and spiritual (energy) bodies internal to human beings. The focus is on developing and cultivating human life energy —Chi — for self-healing life transformation and manifestation. A solid foundation is laid to achieve one’s spiritual potential by learning how to nurture and heal oneself. By
re-establishing a direct connection with the natural energies surrounding us, a subtle awareness necessary for spiritual progress arises. Ultimately, the boundaries of the physical body are transcended by the development of the soul and spirit bodies.

"The universe has an abundance of energy that can enhance and multiply our enjoyment of life. All that we need to do is to be connected to the source." 
― Mantak Chia

Primal Dance &
Somatic Bodywork

“We do not need to go any further, our body is full of universal information. Millions of years of evolution come together in each human being, producing extraordinary wisdom. It is here, at our disposition. We emerge from the earth like the mountains emerge from the plains, like the apples emerge from the apple tree, like the waves rise from the depths of the sea.”
― Daniel Taroppio, EPTI School Founder

Primal Dance is a system founded and developed by my master Daniel Taroppio, founder of the school EPTI, Integral Transpersonal Psychology. Primal Dance is a powerful personal and transpersonal tool that enables the recovery of natural movements that are lost in dysfunctional socialization processes, applicable both at the individual and organizational level.

It is a system of bodywork that uses the model of primal interactions to awaken and harmonize our healing and creative energies from a cellular level all the way to the level of total transcendence. These techniques could involve breathing exercises, meditation, dance, and other forms of body movement.

From my own experience as a dancing soul, I can tell you that as we dance and move, we merge with presence, we merge with our bodies and we can access states of pure freedom, joy and ecstasy, awakening the universal energy that lives within us that we can use to manifest the abundance that we are. Using mind-body techniques to release the tension that's weighing on your emotional and physical well-being.

Integral Transpersonal

Bringing a new conception of linguistics, human communication and the art of interpersonal dialogue, integrated with corporality, emotionality and transcendence. To get in touch again with those parts of you that have been hidden, rejected or suppressed that just need to be released and recognized through transformational dialogue and bodywork.

It is an integral method of professional accompaniment, based on
a process of transforming dialogue and systematic bodywork, with which you will be able to observe, accompany and intervene in processes of personal and organizational transformation.

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