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We live in a society that promotes this addiction around
Becoming somebody.

Apparently, everyone needs to become somebody.

Since we are born, it’s as if we got into the “Somebody training”.
You start your journey into becoming somebody. You go to school and get an education to become somebody. Your parents also want you to become somebody. You start accumulating different identities and start building a story around yourself.

“You walk on the street and feel like you are somebody.
You think you know who you are, because you dress like
Your face looks like somebody. Everybody around you is also busy being somebody"

- Ram Dass

This is what our society promotes. A culture that is mask driven. Identities driven. And we gradually disconnect from our most natural and authentic self.

You start with a job, you start building a social role and wear a specific mask. But at some point, you realize that that job, that mask that you have been wearing does not feel comfortable anymore and does not really fulfill you. So you decide to wear a different mask, look for a different job until you realize that you do not feel comfortable anymore with that mask either. And you keep readjusting yourself.

You start cultivating everything external to you, but YOU. You start looking for happiness in people, places, job titles, money ...

“In order to know who you are, you must be willing to let go of who you think you are"
- Michael singers

And in this mental chaos, I had completely lost touch with my most natural and authentic expression.

And this is when I realized that the real journey was back home. From my mind back to my body. From my ego back to
my heart.

“Be, don’t try to become"
- Osho


I have been working in sales in the corporate world for the past 9 years. Lived in different cities such as Milan, Mexico city, Barcelona, Dublin, Berlin and London. Always in a quest. always hungry for more. For more money. For more promotions. For more power. Never fully satisfied. Trapped into the endless dimension of doing and compulsive and frenetic activity.

Until at some point, my body and its wisdom finally took over and asked for SPACE, PAUSE and SILENCE. It asked me to start breathing again. In that moment I asked myself “Do I want this life to be a never-ending and never fulfilling race, or do I want to start living out of pleasure, enjoyment and relaxation and manifest out of that..."

In that period of long self-reflection and deep meditation,
I started peeling off layers of conditioning from parents, society and environments that were not belonging to me, started dissolving everything that was false, copied and borrowed within me and starting to return to my real, authentic and genuine expression within me.

Once my inner vibration started shifting, I started attracting different forms of healing arts and schools, from Reiki, Coaching, and Transpersonal psychology, to Tantra, Tao and Primal dance that completely transformed my life and that I now want to give back and use to transform other people’s lives too.

“Courage Is a Love Affair with the Unknown"
- Osho


When you were born, you were given the most sophisticated piece of technology on the planet, which is YOU!

An inner universe was given to you. And this inner universe comes with some of the most powerful and complex tools and “softwares” ever discovered such as a mind, brain, thoughts, emotions, breathing, nervous system etc.

The challenge is that no school, no education has ever been able to teach us how to master this inner universe... We have never been taught how to master our thoughts, our emotions, how to breathe properly, how to nourish our body etc.

All our initial studies and work have been related to the outside world!

The question is then, how do we wish to master the external world,
if we are barely mastering our internal world which is the source of everything we do?

“To be creative means to be in love with life. You can be
creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance
its beauty, you want to bring a little more music to it,
a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it." - Osho

My highest purpose has become to upgrade and elevate our current education system!

I want to get to the world all that INNER EDUCATION that has never been taught to us by mainstream society or at any school. I want to help humanity to master our inner world before we can go out there and express our unique and most authentic truth.

Bringing teachings knowledge and practises around how to master and connect to our internal faculties (mind, body, emotions, energy, breath, sexuality etc.) and reconnect to the universal wisdom that lies within us.

Upgrading our education system and complementing it with real-life topics related to human evolution and personal transformation such as meditation, mindfulness, self-worth, self-love, emotional intelligence, health and nutrition, couple relationships etc. for an overall personal, interpersonal and spiritual growth.

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