We live in a society and in a corporate environment that has normalised some human codes and behavioural paradigms that are in my opinion obsolete, have become detrimental for us and our bodies and are not respecting the needs of the new corporate humanity that I envision.

The normalised corporate codes “work is sacrifice. work is painful” - “reward does not come easy,” “serve everyone else first, but you” “I will only feel good with myself if I over do everyday” are not serving anymore our expansion as individuals and corporation.

And eventually work becomes a fight, painful and toxic. And we end up overworking. We end up overdoing. And we sacrifice our bodies. We deprioritise ourselves. And we unconsciously tell ourselves “Sorry I have no time for myself”

We need a change of direction! The new corporate humanity needs a shift towards PLEASURE. I don’t wanna look for pain and sacrifice I wanna look for pleasure, joy, expansion and health, without losing completely a functional level of stress.

Work is perhaps where you will spend most of your time in life, so do you really want it to be a constant stress pain and fight?

Why can’t work be pleasurable, enjoyable, and fulfilling?

How can corporations improve employees’ performance by looking after their inner state, their level of energy and vitality, their sense of health and balance? Why cant my job be healthy for MY BODY ?
After all, the source of everything I do at work, is my body!
My performance at work is strictly dependent on the performance of my body

Corporate humanity needs to move from tension to pleasure! From overdoing to focused doing.
From running to pausing.

Nicholas has developed his brand Do less BE more which lays the foundation of a new vision for the corporate humanity that he delivers through conferences and talks for different organizations.

It all starts with stopping. the way you engage is you disengage for a moment. it starts with pausing

― Thomas Huebl

Workshops & conferences are engaging experiences for teams and organisations to feel inspired, connected and learn human-focused tools that they can apply to their lives to improve personal and business performance.

Every workshop will be an opportunity to pause from our compulsive doing and become aware of the stress, weight and tension that we carry on a daily basis. through a series of talks, meditations, movement and breathwork we will re-energize and nourish our bodies to the frequencies of pleasure, relaxation and enjoyment.

Do Less - BE More
Do Less -
BE More

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Reunion - Inner Integration & Manifestation

Our series of “THE HUMAN TRANSFORMATION SCHOOL RETREATS” offer a ritualised energetic space of inner REUNIFICATION, ABUNDANCE, and MANIFESTATION. In a loving, respectful and warm environment, we will reconnect with our most primal and creative energies as well as with our emotional and mental drive to create a more coherent and unified manifestation of our authentic truth.

YogaOne Poblenou, Barcelona, JUNE 1-2 11am to 6pm

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